Breastfeeding Journey & Partner Support

with Peyton Sifuentes

In the beautiful tapestry of motherhood, one thread often weaves its way through the heart of every new mother’s journey: breastfeeding. It’s a journey filled with love, challenges, and an unbreakable bond between a parent and their child. Today, I am honored to introduce a lovely mother Peyton, a remarkable individual who graciously shared an intimate breastfeeding experience with me. In this blog, we delve into the profound impact that a strong support system can have on the breastfeeding journey, exploring the highs, lows, and heartwarming moments that make it a shared experience that transcends the boundaries of mother and child. Join us as we uncover the power of love and togetherness in the world of breastfeeding.

Background- I am a mother to a 16-month-old little boy and an Oklahoma community-based doula. A little background to our story: we had a difficult start to our breastfeeding journey, with latch issues causing the need to pump and bottle feed for the first four weeks. However, with tons of support, we were able to move to exclusively nursing by 6 weeks and continued until 6 months when we started introducing solids. We are still breastfeeding currently.

Share a specific memory that stands out when your partner’s support made a significant difference in your breastfeeding journey

My husband’s support has been the greatest factor in our successful breastfeeding journey since I was pregnant. He knew how important it was to me and never questioned anything I said I needed or wanted to make it happen. When our son was born and wouldn’t latch, he immediately jumped on board with getting the interventions needed to get him nursing.

What creative ways have you and your loved one found to bond and connect during breastfeeding moments?

In the first couple of weeks my husband would sit right next to me and help me get us in position for nursing attempts. Even when it was difficult and the baby and I were both crying, he was right there. He always made sure I had my water, my snacks, whatever I needed. We were at appointment after appointment for weeks, and my husband was there for all of it, taking in all the information, helping with oral motor exercises, post-op stretches after the frenulectomy. It was definitely a bonding experience going through all of that together. Once nursing got easier he would still hang around, sit in the nursery with us, set up pillows for me on the couch etc

Can you describe a time when you felt misunderstood or unsupported by a loved one in your breastfeeding journey, and how did you navigate through it?

N/A –

Share an example of how your friends or extended family members have contributed positively (or negatively) to your breastfeeding experience.

I feel so lucky to have had my parents around during that time. My mother, who breastfed me for 15 months, was so understanding and caring when I was struggling emotionally with not being able to nurse at first. She really took care of a lot while we were exhausted new parents trying to navigate a difficult feeding situation. My friends on social media also gave a massive amount of support as I posted and messaged a lot about what we were going through. What I was most grateful for was nobody questioning me for doing so much to make breastfeeding work. I never once got judgement for my desire to breastfeed which i was honestly surprised by. 

How has your partner’s presence during breastfeeding moments influenced your overall experience?

I have loved having my partner around while breastfeeding. He’s so loving and the bond breastfeeding has created for me and my son makes my husband really happy. It’s also nice that he recognizes and appreciates how much work and sacrifice I’ve put in to be able to feed our son this way. 

What are the most helpful actions or words your loved ones have provided to support your breastfeeding journey?

As far as actions go, to this day my parents and husband pick up a lot of the “slack” around the house and just in general that we need help with because I’m not as available. In addition to breastfeeding my son also exclusively cosleeps/breastsleeps which means for 80-90% of nap/night sleep I am stuck in bed with him (thought I can’t say I don’t love the cuddle time). So that’s a big chunk of time out of my 24hours where I can’t really get anything else done.

Helpful things people have said have actually more consisted of what they haven’t said; like I mentioned nobody has been (outwardly at least) judge mental or mean about my breastfeeding journey and they’ve all recognized how important it is to me. I always knew it would be worth it but there were definitely points in the early days where I didn’t know if it would be possible and having people around to lift me up and motivate me to keep trying made such a difference. 

Thank you Peyton for being willing to share your story!

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