Pregnancy- Challenges & Culture

with Nikoo

Welcome to a fascinating journey into the world of pregnancy, where we unravel the challenges and cultural dimensions that shape this incredible life stage. Join Nikoo and me as we explore the unique experiences and cultural aspects surrounding pregnancy, celebrating the beauty and diversity of this universal journey. Grateful to have a beautiful first-time mother join as a guest writer and share her experiences.

How do you manage the physical and emotional demands of your job while pregnant? 

Physical and emotional demands are managed by taking breaks during my shift, comforting my belly throughout my shift with my hand, and allowing colleagues to help with heavy things. 

What accommodations during pregnancy, such as maternity leave, flexible hours, safe workspace, etc, did you have access to or wish or have access to?

An accommodation I wish I had access to is maternity pay.

What advice would you give new mothers looking to communicate with their workplace about pregnancy-related needs and concerns?

Advice I would give new mothers looking to communicate with their workplace about pregnancy is to share communication from the doctor with their boss. 

Can you share some of the cultural traditions or practices related to pregnancy that you or your family follow?

A cultural practice I follow is giving the child their father’s last name. 

How do you think your cultural background influenced your nutrition and prenatal care during this journey?

Since I have to work during my pregnancy, I eat food I normally wouldn’t eat, because I have access to food more easily at my job than I would if I were not there. 

 Do you have any cultural heritage that will shape your birthing practices and childbirth choices?

I support the medical field and am choosing to vaccinate my daughter. 

Can you share a memorable experience relating to your cultural background and it being reflected in your pregnancy?

With a background of working women in my family, I am choosing to work during my pregnancy instead of taking time off. Working during my pregnancy will be something I can tell my daughter I did and maybe be admired as a hard working, strong, woman. 

Any advice or certain traditions or want to continue for generations to come?

Traditions I want to continue for generations to come is going to church every Sunday as a family, celebrating holidays, and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Thank you Nikoo for being willing to share your story!

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