Ask Me Anything

You may ask anything during this 15-minute session (via text or phone). Let’s talk about preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, parenting, postpartum, maternity leave, cloth diapering, newborn care and more! You may “ask anything” on your mind.

Holistic Pregnancy/Birth

– Prenatal Care Overview: Understanding the importance of prenatal care and how PCOS may impact pregnancy management.  – Pregnancy with PCOS: Addressing common concerns and complications associated with PCOS during pregnancy and promoting strategies for a healthy gestation. – Labor Preparation: Exploring different birthing options and techniques for managing labor with PCOS considerations.


Postpartum Recovery

Hormonal Balance in Postpartum: Addressing postpartum hormonal fluctuations in women with PCOS, promoting emotional and physical well-being. – Postpartum Nutrition: Providing nutrition guidance for postpartum recovery and supporting hormonal balance during the postpartum period. – Postpartum Exercise and Fitness: Introducing postpartum exercises and activities to promote physical recovery and support overall well-being.

In-Person or Virtual

  • $200/Initial consult (90 minutes)
  • $130/Follow-up consult (60 minutes)
  • $25/Flange Fitting (30 minutes)

Find out about our classes and events

If you are out-of-network, we can provide you with a medical receipt called a “superbill” for possible reimbursement.


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