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Hi, I’m T’Kia

T’Kia Walterscheid

Hello! So, decided to finally introduce myself here on a blog. If you don’t follow me on any social media and do not know me in real life, welcome. I will try to sum up the last 31 years, as clear and simple as it can be. Of course life has been life’n a few times, so not all of it is glitter and rainbows, but are some of the most monumental experiences in my life such as becoming a Tulsa birth and postpartum doula or even certifying as a Tulsa Lactation Counselor.


I am a wife and mother to a handsome 10-year old Dorkie (half Yorkie & Dachshund) and a sweet 2-year old daughter. I also have the title of aunt that I have enjoyed for 7 years. Family is absolutely everything to me. I have been blessed with a family that I am forever grateful for, I truly would not change it for anything. I am an University of Oklahoma graduate. I always thought I wanted to be a pharmacist or a nurse. I graduated with a biology degree and decided against both professions. Later on in life I created Busy Being Mama, Oklahoma City & Tulsa Birth/Postpartum Support and T’Kia Denise Photography. Busy Being Doula was created for the families that desire support during the reproductive period (from puberty to before menopause). Many families live in Busy Culture, needing to feel like there is no time for rest and afraid to receive help. Even much so, I have seen firsthand of Black Mothers suffering through postpartum to prove that they are strong, prove that they can balance it all, afraid to speak of the struggles of pregnancy and parenthood.

T’Kia Denise Photography was born out of hobby. I quickly realized the impact of photography and niched down to motherhood documentary, in efforts of upholding my goals also aligned with Busy Being Doula Services. Lately, I have came across a wonderful Lactation Consultant (Montika), who has taken me under her wing to teach me a fraction of all her knowledge. I am currently working with Innovations Family Wellness as a lactation counselor with goals of becoming an IBCLC.

How It Started

I became passionately and obsessively encompassed with the idea of becoming a mother early on. Maybe around the time I entered college. I always dreamed of a big family with at least 5 children, and my job being Head Home Manager exclusively. When I graduated college and got married, I tried quickly to reach this goal. But was met with resistance, as I wasn’t able to track ovulation because my periods were never regular. It was after 3 or 4 years that I began to question if becoming a mother was ever going to be a thing for me. I will keep the details short and for another day, but in 2019 I reached out to a Reproductive Endocrinologist who tried many things before ultimately going the in-vitro fertilization route. Through this experience I wish I had a support person to be in my corner for appointments, to provide a shoulder to cry on, to tell me what I was experiencing was common and resources to assist. I know now that what I needed was a doula. So because I went without, I became for others, what I needed.

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